PURE:EST | Multipurpose Towels - 40cm x 40cm



Micro fiber towel for all kinds of cleaning. This towel is available in a few different colors to make it easy to color-code different towels for different uses.

All of our micro fiber towels are machine washable in 60-70 degrees celsius multiple times, which is good for the environment and excellent for your wallet.
We always recommend that you wash your micro fiber item once prior to using for the first time to activate the fibers. Never use a fabric softener to make sure that the absorbency lasts for longer. We recommend to use liquid wash detergents instead of powder as this has a tendency to get stuck in the fibers. All of our towels are delivered in a biodegradable sugar cane plastic bag to make sure that the towel is does not get dirty during transport.

Tips for extending the life of your towel:

  1. Wash in 60 degrees celsius after every use.
  2. Don't leave the towel wet, try to wash it right after usage
  3. Always use liquid wash detergents
  4. Avoid mixing towels used with coating products, try having dedicated towels for this as they have a tendency to become water repellent, which is not what you want from a drying towel.

Thickness: 350g/m2
None of our towels are treated with chemicals to increase the absorbing effect. They are naturally water absorbing.