PURE:EST | Essentials Kit Special

$74.99 $149.93

Good smelling products making detailing more fun and Pure:est is no stranger to providing some classy scents during your detail. We've put together a kit that lets you try out just about everything Pure:est has to offer including the game changing P1 Touchless Spray Sealant. 

The Kit Includes: 

  • Pure:est - T2 Tire & Plastic Dressing (500ml)

  • Pure:est - W2 Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner (500ml) 

  • Pure:est - S1 Hydrophobic SiO2-infused (500ml)

  • Pure:est - S3 PH-Neutral Car Shampoo (500ml)

  • Pure:est - W1 Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover (500ml)

  • Pure:est - P2 Ceramic-infused Spray Sealant (500ml)

  • Pure:est - P1 Touchless Spray Sealant & Gloss Enhancer (500ml)