PURE:EST | W300 Cleaning Brushes Special

$13.99 $19.99

Our stunning detailing brushes are specifically developed to be harmless during interior cleaning whilst being as effective as possible. By lightly brushing the delicate surface you will lift the dirt into the brush without causing any harm to the surface. Perfect when working with piano black surfaces in a car which has a high tendency to scratch.

Our detailing brushes are also suitable for removing dirt from hard to reach places on the exterior, such as around the badges or the grille. The brushes has soft and cozy straws to protect your interior.

It’s a perfect match for the Pure:est A1 for all round detailing or with the Pure:est L1 for sorting out your leather seats.

Material on straws: Nylon
Size: 24cm & 16.5cm in length

This is a set of two detailing brushes. They are delivered in a box to prevent contamination before usage.