PURE:EST | Big Drying Towel (24"x36")


With this large and strongly water absorbent drying towel you are able to dry off one complete car without having to squeeze out any water! After using this, we can assure you that no other drying method will match this towel.

All of our micro fiber towels are durable to be machine washed in 60-70 degrees Celsius multiple times, which is good for both your wallet and the environment. We always recommend that you wash your micro fiber item one time prior to using for the first time to activate the fibers. Never use a fabric softener to make sure that the absorbency lasts for longer. We recommend to use liquid wash detergents instead of powder as this has a tendency to stick in the fibers.

All of our towels are delivered in a biodegradable sugar cane plastic bag to make sure that the towel is not contaminated during transport.

Tips for extending the life of our towels:

Wash in 60 degrees Celsius after every use.
Don’t leave the towel wet, try to wash it right after usage
Always use liquid wash detergents
Avoid to mix all of your towels with paint protections. Only have dedicated towels for this as they become hydrophobic (just as the protection itself)

Colour: Blue
Size: 90x60cm
Thickness: 600g/m2

None of our towels contain chemicals to increase the absorbing effect. They are naturally water absorbing.