PURE:EST | A2 Alkaline Degreaser



A2 is our alkaline degreaser, in other words most suitable for organic dirt such as road salt and pollen. It is in other words perfectly used as a Pre-wash, since it removes most of the contaminants that are likely to be found on a car. It can also be used in a foam-lance for that lovely snow effect.

The A2 is concentrated and MUST be diluted with water prior to using. The dilution ratio can be anywhere between 1:10 and 1:25 depending on how dirty the car is. As with all degreasers, it is very important that the product does not dry in and thus don’t apply in direct sunlight or on a hot car. Be cautious around plastic and rubber parts of the vehicle, especially around the head and taillights as these can crack. 

Let sit 2-4 minutes on the car before rinsing off with a high pressure washer.