PURE:EST | P5 Ceramic Paint Coating


The Pure:est P5 is our ceramic coating, a type of product previously reserved for professional detailers is now available to everyone and very straight forward to use. The P5 provides the best protection we have to offer, perhaps the best on the market? The P5 makes the surfaces easier to maintain clean, protects the paint from scratches and creates an unrivalled hydrophobic effect. To achieve the best longevity of the P5 we recommend to wash your car with Pure:est S1 to build a layer-on-layer effect.

Qualities of the P5:
Permanent binding on the surface -Easier to clean as dirt doesn’t stick -UV-protection to avoid surfaces turning pale -Can be used to restore plastics to its original deep color VERY important that the car is 100% clean prior to doing this, preferably treated with our clay bar, polished and then cleaned with isopropanol.
Prior to applying the P5, make sure to clean the car with Pure:est S3 since it does not leave any coating. No prior coatings should be on the surface prior to applying. Use plastic gloves when applying.

1. Apply a few drops of product on to the included applicator
2. Use the applicator to apply to the paint evenly, 1×1 meter at the time
3. Wait 30-60 seconds for product to flash, preferably in a room that is 20-25 degrees Celsius (70-77 degrees Fahrenheit)
4. Wipe off with a clean micro fiber towel
5. Buff with 2 second, clean microfiber towel to fully make sure all product has been removed
6. A 2nd layer can be applied 30 minutes after for additional durability. P5 cannot be applied in direct sunlight, so inside a garage with 20-25 C (70-77 degrees F) is preferred.

After the coating is complete, the car should not be in direct contact with water 12 hours after the application. We recommend letting the car sit inside a garage overnight if possible. Also, avoid washing the car within 5 days as the ceramic coating is still curing. The dosing pipette should be removed after usage. Apply the cap securely and the opened bottle will last up to one year after the initial opening.
P5 gives your paint protection and enhanced gloss for up to 3 years.
Hardness: 9H The box includes one 50ml bottle of P5, one dosing pipette, towels and an applicator.

This product cannot be diluted with water.